Increase your extra income immediately by completing daily tasks

Make every day’s efforts worthwhile – Pinkobox mall investment and financial management, starting from daily tasks

Deposit Instructions
Withdrawal Instructions

Bank account deposit
Minimum Deposit Amount: 5000 Naira
Maximum deposit amount: 1 million naira

USDT deposit
Only accept USDT-TRC20 network transfers
Minimum deposit amount: 50USDT
Maximum deposit amount: 50,000USDT
Please check the USDT-TRC20 address carefully before depositing

Withdrawal from bank account
The latest arrival time for withdrawal: before 15:00 the next day
Minimum withdrawal amount: 10,000 naira
Maximum withdrawal amount: 1 million naira
5% withdrawal fee

Withdrawal time: before 15:00 the next day
Minimum withdrawal amount: 150USDT
Maximum withdrawal amount: 50,000USDT
5% withdrawal fee


What I do


About PinkoBox MALL

PinKoBox APP was founded in Ontario, Canada by PINKOBOX Entertainment Ltd. and the official launch of the project is October 2022 with Business ID No. 1000341911. The company has 16 different departments with a total of 1400 high-tech talents and 31 engineers who took 6 months to complete. Besides fun, we can bring you more.


About PinkoBox MALL

PINKOBOX-MALL APP was founded in October 2022 by PINKOBOX-MALL Co., Ltd. in Ontario, Canada. After 9 months of development, it has successfully stood out from the competition in the e-commerce market. The platform will continue to shape the consumer and retail industries, providing users with better experiences and benefits.


Advantages of Pinkobox MALL

No time limit
No location restrictions
Super high order reward
Team commission
Google Store Endorsement
Advanced business model
Huge amount of money
Strong partner
Excellent team
Different portfolios

Why Choose Me

Pinkobox mall fully complies with laws and regulations

Consumer Protection

Pinkobox mall fully complies with consumer protection laws and regulations. Pinkobox mall clearly informs users of investment strategies, the content of wealth management products, and ensures product quality and safety

Market Regulation

Many countries have market regulators to supervise the operation of PINKOBOX MALL to ensure fair and transparent transactions, protect consumer rights, and maintain economic stability.

Intellectual Property Protection

Pinkobox mall usually contains various intellectual property items, such as cartoon images, trademarks, patents, etc. According to relevant regulations, PINKOBOX mall fully complies with intellectual property protection laws and regulations, and does not infringe the rights of others.

Advertising Regulations

All advertisements and promotions of Pinkobox mall must be true, fair, and transparent, and must not exaggerate product benefits or mislead users

Tax Regulations

PINKOBOX mall pays sales tax, VAT and other taxes on time and in accordance with the regulations in the course of its business.

Fair And Transparent

Pinkobox mall is transparent and fair. We provide complete information on all financial products and investment strategies, allowing you to make the most informed decisions


What My Clients Say?

I found a unique investment and financial management method on PINKOBOX MALL, which makes my every day full of value.
Monty Moni
PinkoBox mall User
Since I started using PINKOBOX MALL, I am much more satisfied with my day. Completion of each mission brings tangible benefits.
Mike Hotten
PinkoBox mall User
PINKOBOX MALL provides a simple and easy way to manage money, I can now get double benefits by completing daily tasks and managing money. It is really a financial strategy in life.
John Bhai
PinkoBox mall User

Partner Brands


PINKOBOX Mall acts as a bridge between users and major brands, assisting major brands to effectively reduce inventory and obtain substantial benefits. After the user completes the order, Pinkobox will receive a benefit of 10%-25% of the order amount, and at the same time, a withdrawal fee of 5%-10% will be charged. Users get a stable payment from each order, and PINKOBOX Mall also brings itself a major source of income.

If you deposit and join Pinkobox before July 31, then you are lucky. When you get a new account, your principal is in the VIP4 wealth management center, and the daily income is 12%.
Here is my account, I have $50,000 in the VIP4 financial plan, and you can see that I am automatically earning $6,000 per day, no compounding, 12% of my principal per day. So after 90 days, I've made 10x.

Pinkobox has recently cooperated with well-known companies such as AMAZON, DISNEY, FUNKO, HASBRO, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, MI and WALMART. As a result, the platform will be stronger than ever.
First of all, all financial plans do not have compound interest.
For example, if your principal is 200USDT and your daily profit is 12%, 24USDT per day, then your 90-day withdrawable principal and profit is 2360USDT.
Let me see 90 days in a row to complete the task, but with compound interest
For example, if your principal is 200USDT and your daily profit is 3%, then in the first month, the sum of your principal and profit will be 500USDT; in the second month, the sum of your principal and profit will be 1178USDT; in the third month, the sum of your principal and profit will be 2860USDT!

Here, I guess smart users have come to the conclusion: anyway, after 90 days, everyone can withdraw their principal and profit and continue to make money with Pinkobox!

It doesn't matter if you are a new member or an old member. As long as you have more than 5USDT flexible funds in your account, you can perform LV1 tasks, a total of 20 tasks. Click to grab an order, pay immediately, and you can get a commission! Profits arrive in your account immediately!

Yes, you can increase your account balance if you want to complete Dailies like I did. After you make a deposit and complete 60 tasks, you can withdraw your principal and profit, but I recommend compounding.

You will get 20% of the profit from all orders of your level 1 members as team commission;
You will get 10% of the profits from all the orders of the secondary members as a team commission;
You will receive 5% of the profits of all orders of the third-level members as a team commission.
Team commissions will be automatically added to your dashboard, and team commissions can be withdrawn at any time, which is very convenient.

The income from the VIP4 wealth management center can only be used after completing the wealth management contract, and currently you can only use flexible funds to complete daily tasks!

As long as your team member is also given a new account, he is on your team. But it is worth noting that if he wants to be an active member of your team, he must deposit more than 25USDT in the Pinkobox mall!

Members deposit more than 25USDT and complete 60 order tasks

Sure, you can initiate a withdrawal at any time after completing your daily tasks, with a minimum withdrawal amount of 10,000 Naira.