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A management type with more than 4 years of experience in e-commerce, with a keen market insight and professional solutions for the company, and helped the company to increase revenue by 200% within one year

Personal Skills

Making efficient investment decisions to grow the company and increase its revenue Build good relationships with managers of major cryptocurrency markets and e-commerce companies to further promote rapid business growth Understand the changes in the e-commerce industry and have the ability to adapt to rapid changes to ensure the company’s long-term growth goals Ability to see future trends and adopt innovative approaches in the company to drive business growth


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (2006-2010) University of Toronto

Master’s degree in Computer Applications Technology (2014-2016) University of British Columbia

Work Experience

Director of Marketing, Corporate Planning Management, As Seen On Screen (2016-2018)

Job Description:

Strong sales and marketing experience with familiarity with the eCommerce marketplace and ASOS platform.

Excellent customer service skills and communication skills to build good relationships with customers.

Familiar with order processing and inventory management, with good daily operation management skills.

Work Experience

Product Development Manager, LEGO Group (2018-2019)

Job Description.

Responsible for the design and development of global product lines, including areas such as toys and games.

Manage the product development team, coordinate and manage all aspects of product development to ensure products are launched on time and meet quality standards.

Participate in and manage multiple projects including new product development, product line expansion and marketing plans.

Perform complex product development analysis to inform strategic prioritization, optimization and discovery for market-related decisions

Work Experience

Co-Founder and Lead Director, PINKOBOX (2019-present)

Job Description

Planning a smoothly running integrated system Collaborate with e-commerce companies around the world for corporate development planning Managing and coordinating different departments to ensure the stability of the business development

Over 10 Operating Centers Worldwide

United States





United Kingdom






Strong company background, strong capital

PinKoBox MALL APP was founded in Ontario, Canada by PINKOBOX Entertainment Ltd.

PinKoBox APP was founded in Ontario, Canada by PINKOBOX Entertainment Ltd. and the official launch of the project is October 2022 with Business ID No. 1000341911. The company has 16 different departments with a total of 1400 high-tech talents and 31 engineers who took 6 months to complete. Besides fun, we can bring you more.


E-Commerce industry continues to grow

The PINKOBOX project is prepared in 2019 and will be officially operated in October 2022, and completed in the same month with Series A financing of $30 million, led by Two Sigma and Weyerhaeuser, PINKOBOX aims to create a new concept of fun consumption for young people and provide a source of income for more than 200,000 people during Covid-19. Series B Financing The financing is expected to be completed in September 2023, led by Softbank Japan, Sequoia Capital, and Castle Investment Group in the United States with $360 million.

Pinkobox mall e-commerce promotion platform

Pinkobox mall will become the first choice for global daily task income and financial management enthusiasts,

This is an ideal place for income and investment, all kinds of investment products and daily tasks can be obtained and completed in a reasonable way,

Users can enjoy the traffic income and subsidies of major brands while completing daily tasks, and easily realize additional income.

Copyright service platform

Pinkobox mall is a copyright service platform for quality brand agencies in Nigeria

Provide an ideal platform for brand agencies to optimize traffic and asset allocation,

Brand agencies can coordinate the content of investment projects by themselves, and enjoy traffic and revenue sharing.

PINKOBOX MALL Sales and Annual Dividends


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