Future Planning

Why Choose Me


Overall increase in poverty employment rate

The existence of PINKOBOX is not only of commercial value, we also want to contribute to the Nigerian society and realize the real social value
Through the product promotion meeting model, we will deeply explore the market potential of agents in poor areas. In the future, PINKOBOX will land more than 1,000 state operation centers, striving to build them into a force for incremental market growth

Dispatch Globalization

In 2023, we will invest more than $100 million to continuously develop quality logistics services in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, etc.

2024 Training Plan

In 2024, we will establish 30 state-level training centers and 280 city-level training centers across the country to enhance agents’ promotion through online + offline training.
Through online + offline training, we will improve the agents’ promotion ability and take into account the national market expansion.
At that time, each outstanding agent will receive a 10-day free training opportunity, and we also prepared a generous gift for the best 5 global agents.

PINKOBOX Mall Program

Launch a business support plan for agents, introducing content marketing, IP promotion and sales, original content customization, short video e-commerce, original advertising marketing and other commercialization means to share market dividends with agents.
It is expected to create in 2024 to surpass the local Jumia large online mall in Nigeria, support more than 5,000 agents to become direct sales lucky box stores, to draw instead of buying, so that the purchase becomes money.



Ms. Judith saw a huge business opportunity for Lucky Box in Africa and decided to start building the Pinkobox business empire in Nigeria.


PINKOBOX Venture Team reached the first cooperation with FUNKO in Everett, Washington, USA, and brilliantly launched the hottest POP!


PINKOBOX developed its own product for the first time and tested it in Thailand, with success in the Bangkok area


Started official operations in October and completed Series A financing of $30 million in the same month


In July, with the unremitting efforts of all members and the marketing department, we have successfully overfulfilled the sales agreement of 65 million US dollars. This is a historic moment. Considering the future development direction of Pinkobox and the long-term interests of all members, the Board of Directors of Pinkobox decided to fully launch the mall plan in August.


In 2024, we will establish 300 state-level training centers and 2,800 city-level training centers in worldwide.